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Sep 10, 2016

10AM - 3:30PM


Latino International Book Festival

Plaza de la Cultura

501 North Main Street, LA, CA 90012

888 488-8083 

Bring your book for signing or purchase on site


Sep 23, 2016

11AM - 2PM

California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

3900 Man Street

Riverside, CA 92501

Bring your book for signing or purchase on site


Sep 24, 2016

1PM - 3PM


Chicano Art Center at the

Washington Neighborhood Center

400 16th Street Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 444-6833

Bring your book for signing or purchase on site


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Enrique Castillo 



Enrique Castillo is an award- winning actor/writer/director whose work spans theater, television and film. Enrique is most recognized for his roles in Showtime’s Weeds and his film role as Montana in Hollywood's Blood In Blood Out.  He ​began his career with Luis Valdez’s El Teatro Campesino in 1969,


First, I took it as a challenge.  To write a book, something I’d never done.

Another reason was I always wanted to write a story that took place in the Imperial Valley where I was born, grew up, went to school and worked.

And finally, I’d heard and read stories growing up about violence happening to women along the border and then later I learned about the violence toward and disappearance of the more than three hundred women in and around Juarez, Mexico. I wondered if they would ever receive justice. I wanted to write something that was also like a tribute to the thousands of women who have experienced violence along the border.  So, I thought maybe I could bring all those elements together, the Imperial Valley, scary characters and the lack of justice for all those women, weave them all together into a story that would be interesting enough for people to read.

I hope I got close.

Why did I write the book? 

later re-teamed with Valdez for his hit play Zoot Suit​. Among his film credits are Deja Vu, Hi-Lo Country, My Familia/My Family, El Norte, and Borderline.  He also wrote/produced and directed the award-winning theater production Veteranos: A Legacy of Valor.

“Impressive first time novel by Enrique Castillo, a nail biting odyssey of good and evil.

-- Elia Esparza – Journalist

The Dead of Summer brings to life the vivid reality of evil and the counter forces it's capable of unleashing. Enrique Castillo is a master storyteller who has created a mythic novel populated by unforgettable characters that arise like a mirage from the cultural heat of the Southern California desert.


-- Robert F. McGivern, Professor of Psychology, San Diego State University

“I can relate to this story, as a former Investigator for the Fresno Sheriff’s Department. Unfortunately some of our own Officers have abused their authority, yet you have Officers like Luna, who take interest in their cases, to make it personal to solve and speak for the victims.”


—Joseph (Joey) Amador - Retired Fresno County Deputy Sheriff

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