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Enrique has written various screenplays including Yo Solo (I Alone), The Cobra, Valley of The Dead, Deerdancer and the screen version of The Last Angry Brown Hat.  Valley of The Dead, the crime suspense thriller has been recently optioned by Concrete Images.
Enrique is currently in pre-production on the film The Last Angry Brown Hat, which he will direct as well as star in.  He is also Executive Producer of Let’s Talk! the only English-language TV talk show hosted by Latinas.

In over thirty daytime and nighttime talk shows on cable and broadcast network TV, you will be hard pressed to find a Latino, let along a Latina voice. George Lopez aims to change that when he premieres his show Lopez Tonight on TBS. Meanwhile, four Latinas are already bringing cultural relevance to the talks show landscape on their internet talk show Let's Talk! Let's Talk is a 'Anytime" internet talk show with a unique perspective on culturally relevant topics with universal appeal.

  Let's Talk! is a ground breaking English-Language talk show featuring four intelligent, opinionated, hilarious, dynamic and profession Latinas. Emmy-award winning host and actress Marabina Jaimes (Storytime); actress-comedienne Dyana Ortelli (Curb Your Enthusiasm); Bel Hernandez, Publisher of Latin Heat, a print and online magazine; and actress Kikey Castillo who are ready to tackle any subject.

Hernandez, who serves as both co-host and executive producer of the show put it this way, "We felt it was time to speak up and be heard," and continues, "Our target audience is Latinas, but our content is universal. We just add a twist of flavor with our perspective."


Veteranos- A Legacy of Valor is a historically comprehensive, artistic and educational project designed to bring awareness and appreciation within Hispanic communities, as well as the rest of the nation, for the patriotism and sacrifice demonstrated by Hispanic Medal of Honor Recipients. It serves to refocus our country's attention upon a forgotten record of incredible accomplishments under extreme and difficult conditions. It does not glamorize war, but honors the warriors who often were ordanry young men caught in extraordinary circumstances. For the first time ever, Veteranos- A Legacy of Valor presents an accurate and true story of Latin American bravery and sacrifice. It is a historical record that reflect the theme of Latino participation in America's wars: "First In...last to Leave"





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